44 years
Eye color:
Hair color:
55 kg
1.70 meters (ca. 5β€²7β€³)

From Swiss/France

Adeline became known in 2014 as the Swiss porn secretary. At that time, her private pornography was discovered on the Internet and there was a huge scandal in Switzerland, as Adeline was working as a secretary in the Swiss parliament at that time. After that she was missing for 5 years, until Adeline decided in 2019 to give up her bourgeois life and realize her dream as a porn actress and is celebrating an enthusiastic comeback. Not only does she make herself happy, hundreds of thousands of fans are happy that this unique woman is back and enthusiastically follow her reports about her sexual adventures. 

Adeline is one of the best, hottest, most fantastic and unique actresses ever. She is one of the best in the world since porn has been around and we are overjoyed that this fantastic actress is shooting with us at PuzzyFun.

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